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Fifth Wheel Maintenance Checklist

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This Checklist for Maintenance consists of a short list of maintenance items and some general time frames to maintain a Fifth Wheel:

Fifth wheel Checklist

Before every trip

    • Inspect the tires for defects and the air pressure for proper inflation
      • Make sure the lug nuts are tight
      • Have a look at the suspension and axels
      • Check the signal, brake and marker lights for proper operation
      • Check pipes and fixtures for leaks
      • Look at the levels of holding tanks
      • Condition and operation of the emergency brake away cable
      • Windows and Doors are latched
    • Make sure there are no loose items that can dance around during travel

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Weekly or Monthly

      • Connections on batteries for corrosion
      • Give the holding tanks a good flushing
      • Walk around looking for loose screws
      • Vacuum out AC vents and clean filter
    • Propane lines and hardware

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Every three months

      • Electric brake wiring rubbing and condition
      • Run a cup of bleach through the fresh water tank
      • Vacuum out furnace ducts and vents
      • Lubricate door hinges and connectors
      • Clean oven and stove
    • Defrost the refrigerator and wipe it down

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Every six months

      • Inspect wiring connections for corrosion
      • Inspect and clean appliance fans
      • Lubricate the TV antenna so it lifts smoothly
      • Remove the hot water heater anode flush and look for scale
      • Polish wood cabinets and doors
      • Replace worn blind hardware and strings
      • Check the seals on the roof
      • Wash the roof because it is dirty
      • Check the seals around storage doors and window slides
      • Pull and clean the refrigerator and AC covers
    • Clean and lubricate the awning

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      • Wheel Bearings – clean, inspect, repack, and install new seals
      • Converter – inspect connectors, fuses, breakers, and wiring
      • Check the AC wall plugs with a plug tester
      • Lighting fixtures – dissemble, clean and check bulbs
      • Clean and re-lube the fifth wheel hitch
      • Check the torque on the kingpin bolts
      • Steam clean carpets, furniture, upholstery, and valances
    • Lubricate door hinges, jacks, entry steps, and slide rails

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