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Do I Need Weight Distribution and Sway Control for towing my Travel Trailer?

Do I need weight distribution & sway control for towing my travel trailer?

Recently, while looking at travel trailers at my local RV dealership I found myself in the middle of a conversation about weight & sway distribution. Unable to contribute to this conversation I decided I would do a little research and look into this a little deeper. After this does sound like something every good RVer should know. So I did my research and was amazed at what I found.
A weight and sway distribution system is an additional hitch with adjustable spring arms that attaches to both the hitch ball on the towing vehicle and the frames tongue rails on the travel trailer. By using this system weight is transferred from the rear axles of the tow vehicle to the front axles.  This helps ensure a smooth level ride with the added benefit to tow at the maximum capacity of your hitch ball by distributing the load.  By being attached securely this device creates weight distribution thus controlling the back and forth sway to prevent lane wandering of the travel trailer. Trailer sway is caused by the oscillating or rotational inertia on the hitch ball. When installed properly there is a leveling factor of the weight distributed more evenly to the hitch ball, the trailer tongue, the tow vehicle and the axles of the trailer. The end result of sending more weight to the front axles of the tow vehicle equates to a smooth and level ride with improved steering, stopping, turning and overall towing.
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