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Everything you would ever want to know about planning, designing and beginning a full-time RV lifestyle!

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The planning stages are very important. We need to make sure you are ready.


The designing stage is where all the fun begins, becoming a minimalist.


Our beginning checklists are very important. We are almost ready.

Welcome to the Fulltime RV Life blog!

At Fulltime RV Life we feel you are already well on your way to living the full-time RV life. Why? Because you are here! You obviously have considered living this life and are wondering how to get started. Well, you have come to the right place.
So if you think this life could be for you, read on. We want you to enjoy learning about this life as much as we have had writing about it. Our goal is to provide all of the information we have learned over our years of experience in the school of hard knocks and to make this transition a little easier for you. These tips, tricks, “how-to’s” and ideas will help you be well on your way to seeing your dreams become a reality!

RV Power, What Does My RV Use, AC or DC?

RV Campers primarily are powered off of a 12-volt direct current and a 120-volt alternating current system. The 12 VDC power system is the primary power. This can be sourced from batteries, converters, or generators and even solar. The 120-volt AC current, usually from campground hookups works in resemblance to that in your home. The devices with electric motors usually require more current. Little to no maintenance is required on AC current. 

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What is a Travel Trailer, Pull Behind or Bumper Pull?

A Travel Trailer or Camper Trailer which also known as a Caravan is a tiny home on wheels that provides a protected place to sleep. This is a towable unit attached to the bumper via a “hitch” of the towing vehicle, a truck, SUV or car that is capable of pulling the weight of the pull behind trailer legally. Travel Trailers have several uses as a home on a journey or a vacation allowing people to stay in different sites rather than relying on a motel or hotel.  Most are built set-up for electricity, plumbing, propane gas, and air-conditioning. The more luxurious travel trailers offer the creature comforts of home with separate rooms, furniture, furnishings, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

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What Are Travel Trailers, RV’s and Fifth Wheels Made Of?

The Structure of a Travel Trailer is constructed with three main materials, Aluminum, Fiberglass, and Wood. Aluminum happens to be the best choice for the framing or the “cage” of the unit because it is lightweight, durable and rust free. Being lighter as well as cheaper not to mention rust free, aluminum is what has captured the market on framing. Moreover, steel tends to rust and corrode easily while exposed to natural elements.

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The 8 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Your First RV

The first thing to know is that this RV is literally a house on wheels. The technology incorporated into every system of these rigs comes from years of feedback that existing owners have shared. Taking time learning about electric, water pressure, condensation, air conditioning, gas and what preventive maintenance is required is paramount.  The time invested in the care and developing an awareness for what the future holds is time well spent. The following is what I have discovered in my years of living in an RV full time.

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RV Dealerships What Are They Not Telling You!

In my experience, two types of RV dealerships exist. Company-owned and privately owned. The larger dealerships can offer lower prices. But do they reveal every fee? The company owned dealerships start with the lowest price. Once committed will reveal to you line item pricing showing the fees. On the other hand, most privately owned dealerships offer all-inclusive pricing, both exclude tag, title, and tax.

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How Does RV Solar Power Work In An RV?

Sunlight is energy that comes down from the sun and is collected by solar panels that are normally mounted on the top of an RV. The energy generated is transmitted through a series of cables that go from the outside of your RV to modules on the inside. Sunshine can be direct sunlight or partially blocked by clouds thus making the voltage variable.

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One of the most important components of your Coach, which is also the most neglected is your RV wheels and tires. Did you know that up to twenty-five percent of coaches weighed had loads that exceeded the capacity of the tires? Four out of Five had at least one under inflated tire and at risk of failure from heat build up.

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How do I get Wifi Internet in my RV?

Wifi is any wireless “LAN” or local area network. And for those of you wondering, the term “Wifi” if short for “wireless fidelity”. Before we begin it is helpful to understand that Wifi is a radio signal and two-way communication. To get internet wirelessly, we have to transmit and receive a Wifi signal to and from your computer, laptop or cell phone.

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